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16 April 2012 @ 10:00 am
Please read this if you are trying to join days_so_sweet!

Before clicking the join button, please make sure your email address has been confirmed through Livejournal! If you don't, Livejournal won't allow me to approve your membership. Thanks!
11 February 2012 @ 12:39 am
Please take a moment to read our rules.

*This is not a subbing community! We only post raws :)


We have four simple rules here that are easy to follow.

1. NEVER upload our files to streaming media sites (YouTube, Veoh, Youku, tudou, etc.).

2. DON'T REPOST our links ANYWHERE. This includes private messages on Facebook, Twitter, and forums. DON'T link back here. If you want to share our files, please re-upload them yourself.

3. CREDIT the original source, NOT this community, if you use or reupload the files. If you soft-sub, please re-upload the files yourself and credit the original source, not us!

4. DO NOT post spoilers in the comments. Please respect your fellow members who haven't watched the show yet!

This is a request, not a rule: Please DO NOT comment on old posts unless there is a problem. Our inboxes get flooded when new members post lots of comments on old posts. An easy way to look at it: Only comment on the most recent episode of any show unless the file or link does not work. We appreciate all of our members, and we thank you for being understanding :)


If you want to join this community, you only have to follow two simple steps:

1. Leave a comment here, promising you have read and will follow the rules.

2. Click here to join.

You MUST DO BOTH to be accepted. Please understand it may take us up to a few days to approve you, since we are busy people with full time jobs and other commitments. Please do not submit your request multiple times. It won't get you approved any faster.


Please make sure you followed the two steps above. If you did, please try again. We're very sorry if we reject you by mistake!